Social Media for Business

Learn all you need to know to successfully get started in Social Media for Business. During this 2-hour flash course, we will cover the different Social Networks used in the business world, study some successful company cases, and go over the tools and basics you need to start sharing valuable content with your followers.

Place: ATRIUM Science 14, Rue de la Science 14b B-1040
Date: Thursday October 09th, 2014
Time: 10h-12h
Booking contact:

Important notice: this is an exclusive and free workshop for ATRIUM Science 14 tenats.

Philippe Schifflers, Community Manager and Coach

As a Web Marketer and Online Community Manager, Philippe has helped customers build an online presence by communicating better with their audiences, developing a coherent social media strategy, and implementing a communication plan. These efforts meant for customers an improved reputation, becoming an authority in their industries, and gaining and retaining new customers. Even though navigating through the Web sphere can be a daunting task, Philippe has helped companies communicate effectively on the web by setting up tailored solutions through a broad range of channels such as Blogs, Newsletters, and Social Networks, and using key tools like metrics, social media platforms, and news feed aggregators, just to mention a few.  He has also advised and trained Community Managers inside companies like Hablando de EmpleoInstituto de Finanzas y Empresas, and Marathon Running Tips, with additional projects currently being developed. His collaboration inside Communication Package helped in the development and fine tuning of important Websites and Platforms such as Hepcom, as well as other ongoing projects.


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