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  1. Workshops

Next 7 of June at 18:00 along the celebration of the European Development Days 2017 in Brussels will take place the workshop “Bridge building towards young responsible citizens in our global village”. This activity aims to share knowledge and good practices on strengthening the resilience of young people, through the production of animated and documentary films.

The laureate filmmaker Jean Charles L’Ami (Belgium) will share his experiences on strengthening resilience of young people to help them to recover from shocks caused by natural disasters and conflict situations.

The content of the workshop is based upon L’Ami’s experience in developing countries like Burundi, Cuba and Venezuela.

Special emphasis will be placed on Venezuela’s 1999 flood case, which shows how young victims can become key players for the prevention of natural disasters by sharing dynamic testimonials through storytelling-videos produced by themselves.

The work done in Venezuela served to share experiences of young survivors to natural disasters and as a base to create a visibility and awareness-raising campaign to disseminate messages for preventing, mitigating, responding, and recovering from natural hazards. In this case, youngsters’ transparent perspective had a multiplier effect when it was time to communicate disaster risks related contents.

The images used and recorded during the workshop served to produce storytelling-videos, which were disseminated widely through different dissemination platforms, regional media, partner’s media and social networks, generating an impact over the target audiences.

The participatory approach of the methodology developed by Jean Charles L’Ami in the last years also brings international cooperation and development issues closer to citizens, while at the same time promotes young communities active learning, critical thinking, motivation, participation and team spirit, which is specially needed to face natural hazards or conflict situations.

This activity is organized in the frame of the EDD 2017, in collaboration with Kidscam, a mobile animation studio that allows children and teens to produce animated films; and Communication Package, a communication agency with a large experience in communicating international cooperation and development, both companies based in Belgium.

Video presentation of the session




Jean Charles L’Ami, Film Director / Lulo Motion

Jean-Charles L’ami creates films that involve children and young people by working with them through collective animation workshops and as such building bridges towards young responsible citizens. Since 2003, in Venezuela, in the Andean Region and in Africa, L’Ami worked with more than 8.000 young participants. Jean-Charles brings to the partnership a tremendous skill and experience in taking real life situations and turning them into compelling narratives that are effective.


Joris Van Dael, Founder – Creative Director / Kidscam

Born on October 21 1956 in Antwerp – Belgium, Joris started his artistic career as a music trainer for children, after a one year training by the organisation “Les Jeunesses Musicales de Liège (Belgium). After different experiences in the socio-cultural world, he went back to school and graduated as an actor at the Royal Music conservatory in Liège in 1984.
After developing an acting and directing career for theatre and television, Joris founded the “KIDSCAM animation studio for children and youngsters” in 2003.


Patricia Rodríguez, Communication expert / Communication Package

Patricia Rodríguez Fortún is a Communication and Development Cooperation Project Manager specialist, with over 15 years’ experience in European projects and funded initiatives, the development of communication campaigns and events, the achievement of public and private funds, the administration of non-profit associations and the management of projects for social promotion.
Since May 2016, Patricia has been performing the role of Key Expert in Communications for DEVCO Units C2 and C6 Environment and Climate Change Mainstreaming Facility, as well as Senior Communication Expert for DEVCO Unit C4 (Private Framework Development, Trade, Regional Integration) for the production of visual/communication materials

More information

Day: 7th of June 2017
Time: 18:00
Venue: Tour & Taxis, Avenue du Port 86C – 1000 Bruxelles
E-mail: info@communicationpackage.com
Phone number: +32 (2) 880 3734


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In the last 5 years Communication Package has designed and implemented communication campaigns for European institutions, private sector interests’ groups and EU-funded projects.

The company has vast experience in designing communication campaigns on all kinds of advertising stands and supports, from early conception to final delivery including content production, graphic design, art direction and art guidelines, team management, edition, printing and quality control.



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Communication Package arrives to its fifth anniversary with very significant achievements, one of them being shortlisted, within MCI group’s consortium, to support the Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development of the European Commission (DG DEVCO-EuropeAid) in the global dissemination of its actions.

“We are glad to be part of this consortium and support the European Commission in communicating its external actions. This new reference is a welcome endorsement of our experience with European Commission Tenders and of the quality of our work. We have positioned ourselves as a team of communication experts for cooperation and development, with special emphasis on European Union external actions in Africa and Latin America”, says Carlos Corao, Communication Package Managing Director.

In the last 5 years Communication Package has designed and implemented communication campaigns for European institutions, private sector interests’ groups and EU-funded projects.

The company has vast experience in designing communication campaigns on all kinds of advertising stands and supports, from early conception to final delivery including content production, graphic design, art direction and art guidelines, team management, edition, printing and quality control.

Recently the company launched a new product: “Brussels EventWire”, for customers requiring a 24-hour service to distribute and publicise outputs of their seminars and conferences on social media networks, via videos, interviews, infographics and press releases.

“As part of our expansion plan we look forward to enlarging our training offer in communication for development, cooperation and customer service,” says Patricia Rodriguez, Communication Package’s business developer and project manager.

The Communication Package team believes that the key to growth is to work passionately and to be at the forefront of new technologies and market trends.



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  2. Framework contracts

Communication Package is partner in the consortium led by MCI Benelux SA for the new EuropeAid FWC COM 2015 – Lot 2 Communication (2016-2018), in addition to JCP Srl, Azabache Films, Proymasa and BAa Consultors.

The list of sectors covered by the EuropeAid FWC COM 2015 – Lot 2 Communication is the following:

  • Sector 1: Communication events and campaigns, including their promotion and information tools (events and campaigns). 
  • Sector 2: Multi-media materials: audio-visual, web design and development websites, contribute to DEVCO website and other existing websites, audio-visual service supports 
  • Sector 3: Production of publications (publications, graphic material). 
  • Sector 4: Development of communication strategies. Conception and design of communication strategies reflecting inter alia political and institutional context, local environment, stakeholder’s communication priorities, cultural sensitivities etc.

In addition to the specific expertise in Communication, other related services may include Translation, Interpretation, Printing, Publications, Photography, Promotional products to name a few.

What is a Framework contract?

“Horizontal framework contracts are put in place by EuropeAid Cooperation Office to facilitate the implementation of the external aid. General information and guidelines on various framework contracts, information on the framework contractors per lot and standard documents can be found” in the website of DG DEVCO-EuropeAid.


Send us your CV

Please send us your CV in EuropeAid format to: fwc.lot2@communicationopackage.com


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The Communication Package team has prepared this first edition of “10 Successful Tips for Disseminating EU Projects” as a way of sharing our experience and know-how with our clients and friends.

Our team boasts highly skilled and experienced graphic, web and audiovisual professionals, with extensive experience in producing communication work packages and institutional dissemination campaigns.

This is the first publication in a series that will be released once a year, in which we share information on best practices, success stories and new developments in the field of ICT.

01: Define your message clearly

Draw up a list of key phrases that illustrate the goals and desired results of your project. Include these concepts in your press releases, your social network posts, your brochures and blogs.

Keep in mind your target audience and the main goals of your project. Your strategy needs to work for different audiences at regional, national and European levels.

Prepare a list of key contacts, including private and public organisations, universities, specialists, and members of European bodies and networks.

02: Create your own library of pictures and videos

Take photos and videos of at every meeting and event you organise. Build your own media gallery with images and videos that illustrate the work you and your partners are doing.

You will then be able to include these images to liven up your website, brochure and final report on the results of your project.

03: Stay connected with your audience

Use web applications that allow interaction between users and free sharing of content through social networks, thus increasing the visibility and traffic of your Web portal. Websites should include an RSS feed that enables publishers to syndicate data automatically. It should also include a social network logos footer so publishers and readers can share news through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

04: Don’t forget: Mobile first!

Internet users are increasingly surfing and interacting with the Web on their smartphones and other mobile devices. The “web design” approach focuses on crafting websites that provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices, from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors. This ensures that your audience won’t miss any content, images or interactive features when they visit your site, no matter what interface they’re using.

05: Enhance your project’s social reputation

A broad range of channels such as blogs, newsletters, and social networks, combined with a positive, relevant and on-going message, can help you communicate better with your audience, improve the project’s reputation, become an authority among the project’s public, or even attract new stakeholders.

06: Don’t be afraid to use infographics

An effective and engaging way to explain complex content is through infographics. If you need to present a lot of information at once, try doing it with easy-to-read charts, diagrams, icons, and graphics. Skillfully constructed infographics go beyond pretty pictures by creating an entirely different sort of reading experience that helps focus your audience’s attention, encourages engagement and helps keep your key message in the reader’s mind.

Infographics can be designed for maximum impact on printed, web and mobile formats, and their easy-to-share, viral nature can help reinforce your project’s “brand” on the Web..

07: People love animated stories

Animated videos and digital marketing campaigns go hand in hand. Videos in emails and on social networks can increase the interest of your target audience and the open rates of newsletters and blogs. Studies show increased click-through rates of up to 96% for e-mails with embedded videos.

Animated and motion graphic stories can be a powerful tool for disseminating the results and impact of your project.

08: Keep brochures on hand

Make sure you have a variety of printed materials available in different formats that you can hand out during meetings and events.

Throughout the duration of the project, create a series of brochures, newsletters, roller banners, and other printed materials that will enable you to share information about your project whenever you need to, as easily as pulling a business card out of your pocket when you happen to meet a potential sponsor.

09: Produce high-quality short videos and interviews

If you’re planning to film interviews with members of your consortium, experts or European Commission staff, use a professional camera (HD 1920×1080) that will capture sounds and images accurately, avoiding blurred images and background noise. Try to ensure a good set and proper lighting for your video shoot.

This will increase the odds of obtaining a top-quality video for your presentations, to post on your website or to share on social networks. Viewers will repost your videos if they are worth watching and look professional: short and to the point, visually appealing and technically faultless.

10: Look great, look professional!

Your project’s visual identity should be designed by professionals. Not everyone can do this sort of work, nor is it true that you can outsource to “free” web services and expect a satisfactory outcome.

You may have already noticed that the European Commission is very careful with its visual identity, and it has a series of guidelines for the use of its logo, colours and fonts. This applies to printed materials, web applications and audiovisual productions.

You should do the same! Make sure you have professional support to design a good logo, choose a colour palette that identifies the spirit and values of your project, and prepare a Visual Identity Manual that can help you project a clearer, more professional image.

Communication Package supports you in the creation and production of innovative communication packages for EU projects and institutional dissemination campaigns tailored to fit your needs.

Title: 10 Successful Tips for Disseminating EU Projects
 © 2015: Communication Package|Images: Shutterstock.com, Freepik.es
 Authors: Carlos Corao, Patricia Rodríguez
 Design: Communication Package
 Editor: Adela Ball


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  1. Workshops

Nowadays, the role of the Community Manager has evolved into something more than simply updating posts and commenting on Twitter and Facebook. Rather acting as an ambassador of the brand, the Community Manager has become a key player inside companies wishing to be seen and heard on the Web. Among the most common tasks and activities inside Community Management, we find:

  • Content creation: Write blog posts, articles, newsletters, communications materials, and material for social media channels.
  • Key skills you should have: Impeccable writing skills – experience with writing helps since you’ll be creating a lot of content for your company. Don’t forget to double-check your grammar and spelling before you post!
  • Social media marketing: Creating, managing and growing the company’s presence through blogs, and social networks.
  • Key skills you should have: Social media experience – Experience with social media tools is helpful, ideally someone who can manage Twitter profiles and Facebook pages.
  • Events & event planning: Attending industry events in your city (often outside of 9-5 hours) and planning events for your community.
  • Key skills you should have: Outgoing personality – you will be required to attend and organize networking events and be comfortable introducing yourself to strangers, as well as providing live feed to your audience via Twitter. Meetup and Eventbrite are great tools to get started!
  • Customer relations: Often responsible for customer support – answering questions however they come in (E-mail, Social Networks) and managing any online feedback forums.
  • Key skills you should have: Ability to multitask – It’s especially important for a Community Manager since they manage many different areas of the business with different departments.
  • Marketing strategy: The Community Manager takes part in the strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s public-facing communications.
  • Key skills you should have: Marketing skills or Corporate Communications experience. Make sure you’re comfortable making strategic decisions.
  • E-Reputation management: It involves measuring what is said about the company online, carrying out a “Sentiment” analysis from customer’s feedback, and addressing contents which may be damaging to the company’s brand image.
  • Key skills you should have: Experience with notification services and Social Media Management platforms with filter options. Check out Google Alerts.
  •  Producing Analytics: Using Google Analytics and other measurement tools to provide reports on metrics, and continually find ways to improve on those metrics.
  • Key skills you should have: Analytical mind – Interpret the data and use it to improve results.
  • Email Marketing: Increasingly, Community Managers are asked to handle mass Email communication through Newsletters.
  • Key skills you should have: Basic knowledge of mass Emailing solutions like Mailchimp, as well as some HTML & CSS skills.

All of these tasks will be covered in depth during the course. We will also learn about all the tools a Community Manager needs, how to set them up for an enhanced productivity, and the way to combine them to establish a smooth communication with our target audience. All of this and more in our course, so get ready and see you soon!



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  1. Workshops

Communication Package is launching a new workshop on Social Media Management for European Projects and Businesses. The workshop is divided in two sessions to be held on 3 and 4 March 2015, from 9 AM to 12:30 PM, in ATRIUM Science 14 building, located at Rue de la Science 14b, 1040 Brussels.

The purpose of this workshop is to enable professionals tasked with branding, public affairs, marketing communications (internal or external), or community engagement to plan, execute, and assess a comprehensive and effective social media campaign for their European agencies, organisations, programmes and projects.

Since social media has become a primary channel to engage, listen to, and communicate with a variety of European stakeholders, Communication Package has decided to offer this practical course in response to a need in the European market: building organisations capacity to shape the public conversation about their products, services, or missions, profit or non-profit-driven.

The mentor of the workshop will be Philippe Schifflers, Web Marketer and Online Community Manager, who has been working with Communication Package and other organisations in helping customers build an online presence by communicating better with their audiences, developing a coherent social media strategy, and implementing communication plans.

Communication Package is an SME based in Brussels that has been supporting organizations in producing innovative, high quality and fully integrated communication and dissemination work packages for European projects. During the last three years, Communication Package has been growing and detecting new opportunities and needs in the European market, being one of these needs the enhancement of capacity-building and continuous learning, particularly in the field of the evolvement of new technologies and multi-channel social media. This year, Communication Package started with a series of courses addressed to customers and potential customers willing to be updated and improve their communication skills.

The Venue: ATRIUM Science building, located at Rue de la Science 14b, 1040 Brussels.


Registration: to registerplease send an e-mail to info@communicationpackage.com and we will send you the booking confirmation

More information: for more information or to speak with a programme advisor, please send an email toinfo@communicationpackage.com or call to +32 (0) 28803734.


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Participate in an interactive session with our highly skilled team of graphic and audiovisual professionals, with extensive experience in producing communication work packages and institutional dissemination campaigns.

Communication Package experts will demonstrate communication solutions in a workshop held exclusively for Science14 tenants. Take advantage of this opportunity to find creative, original answers your communication questions and to help your business gear up for the future.

When: Wednesday, 22nd October 2014, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm 

Where: Science 14 Atrium, Strasbourg room / Rue de la Science 14, 1040 Brussels 

Booking for free services and products (exclusive for Science 14 ATRIUM and its network)* :

  • Free graphic design of your business and compliment cards.
  • Free graphic design of your leaflet/flyer
  • Free 2 minutes interview for your communication proposes at our ‘Interview Spot Science14’

For booking please write: carloscorao@communicationpackage.com

*Limited restrictions apply


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  1. Workshops
Learn all you need to know to successfully get started in Social Media for Business. During this 2-hour flash course, we will cover the different Social Networks used in the business world, study some successful company cases, and go over the tools and basics you need to start sharing valuable content with your followers.
Place: ATRIUM Science 14, Rue de la Science 14b B-1040
Date: Thursday October 09th, 2014
Time: 10h-12h
Booking contact: info@science14.com
 Important notice:  this is an exclusive and free workshop for ATRIUM Science 14 tenats.



Philippe Schifflers, Community Manager and Coach

As a Web Marketer and Online Community Manager, Philippe has helped customers build an online presence by communicating better with their audiences, developing a coherent social media strategy, and implementing a communication plan. These efforts meant for customers an improved reputation, becoming an authority in their industries, and gaining and retaining new customers. Even though navigating through the Web sphere can be a daunting task, Philippe has helped companies communicate effectively on the web by setting up tailored solutions through a broad range of channels such as Blogs, Newsletters, and Social Networks, and using key tools like metrics, social media platforms, and news feed aggregators, just to mention a few.  He has also advised and trained Community Managers inside companies like Hablando de EmpleoInstituto de Finanzas y Empresas, and Marathon Running Tips, with additional projects currently being developed. His collaboration inside Communication Package helped in the development and fine tuning of important Websites and Platforms such as Hepcom, as well as other ongoing projects.

Sponsored by:





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